Toket Gede Aura Kasih Nyaman Pakai 'Tank Top'

foto bugil aura kasih
Cap the latter section is aimed at Aura Kasih may be because the clothes as that and only that. Yes, tank top t-shirts as already integrates in the form of the body of the guitar body is similar to Spain. But not without reason often use Aura tank top. Feeling comfortable when it is put into the reasons.

"Because the more comfortable, but not in the mean open-opener to show something on people. Course more especially combined simple pair of jeans, I'm comfortable moving," he said in the Studio Palem, Kemang.

Acknowledged that he actually wanted to show expression in the singing but there are some people the wrong rate. "So is not physical but more on the shape or the way I express to the songs that I bring," said the bride had ditawari Caleg but ditolaknya.

Aura hope people rate the works of dibuatnya, not only on the subjective assessment of such section. "I want people to know me as is. Even if I'm not nyanyi again," one former supplement finalists Putri Indonesia

Foto Toket Montok - Aura Kasih Pacari Anak Playboy

foto bugil aura kasih
Successful career in the not necessarily followed by the success of the love story. That is the reality faced singer Aura Kasih. Aura while have what diimpikan women, mulus beautiful face and body shape proportionally. But for the business man it is a choice and that children are not the band.

"I want to see me do it sincerely and with all the lack of benefits. So, not because I as a singer. If I feel like that useless. So I find difficult to love," he said.

About the status of men who dipacari he did not disapprove. Bachelor or widower who understand the origin of the so Aura considerations alone. "Stats do not matter, the more important to heart," he said while he disputed the heart on the cover of Adam akan approach.

Asked if the guy himself is a child approaching band, shake Aura directly. "Girls just want Nggak child band. They say many of playboy, but I closed the possibility, why not?" augment him on the sidelines of making the video clip Do not Who-Who in the Studio Kemang, Monday (16 / 3) night.

If the court reporter? "So if we travel demolished both. Nih Aura Kasih have more here, here, aja," said Aura ago laugh.